Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Free" Google Chrome OS cloud notebook: $15/month - Computerworld Blogs

A subscription service for the Chrome notebooks is not a something I had considered. It might just work actually. I will be anxious to see how Google delivers this to market.

"Free" Google Chrome OS cloud notebook: $15/month - Computerworld Blogs

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A fix for the sound problem, and a little press

The NYT has a nice introductory article about the CR 48

New York Times (blog)
Called the Cr-48 — the name is the chemical symbol for an unstable isotope of the element Chromium — the matte-black notebook boots up Google's Chrome ...
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And here is ZDnets typical user article that gives a pretty good representation of what the average user might find attractive

Also a fix for the glitchy sound problem that came out with the last update. Your CR 48 needs root access, so I will be waiting till the next Google update to correct this, but if you are into modifying your CR 48 take a look here